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Chec Music Beds

Custom Royalty Free Music Beds and Game Audio + Cinematics

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Hey there, my name is Jakub Checinski, and I am the founder of CHEC MUSIC BEDS (CMB). I have over 20 years of valuable and comprehensive experience, during which I worked meticulously in both music production and radio broadcasting/imaging.

At CHEC MUSIC BEDS (CMB), I collaborate with talented producers in delivering the quality audio you desire! Whether we’re working with high-energy music beds, cinematic game audio, or unique station imaging CMB has you covered! We prioritize our client’s satisfaction and are committed to delivering exceptional audio that enhances your content’s value and impact.

With a foundation based on competitive pricing, big sound, and fast turnaround time, CMB always mixes inside the box, while thinking outside of it.


At CMB, we present a diverse array of music beds designed to suit a broad spectrum of preferences and applications. Our repertoire encompasses a dynamic spectrum, spanning from high-energy EDM/HOUSE/DANCE compositions to evocative piano arrangements tailored for occasions such as Mother’s Day, and even festive, holiday-themed renditions complete with the charming jingle of sleigh bells.


Our meticulously curated music beds serve as an ideal choice for enhancing your RADIO/TV advertising, elevating video content creation, and augmenting the quality of general content production.


At CMB, our passion lies in crafting cinematic gaming music that transcends boundaries, immersing your gaming content in a symphony of captivating soundscapes. Whether your quest leads you through the realms of spine-tingling horror, pulse-pounding action, or intricate dramatic narratives, we possess the acumen and fervor to compose music that impeccably mirrors your creative vision.


Game audio and cinematics are integral components of the gaming industry, playing crucial roles in shaping the overall gaming experience. They encompass various audio elements and cinematic sequences that enhance storytelling, immersion, and gameplay in video games.


At CMB, we take pride in our comprehensive suite of radio imaging services, meticulously tailored to cater to a diverse array of station formats. Whether your station resonates with the tunes of Country, Hot Country, AC, or HOT/AC, our two decades of unwavering expertise in this domain empower us to craft radio imaging that flawlessly encapsulates the distinctive essence of your station’s format and the preferences of your discerning audience.


Radio Imaging refers to the production and use of audio elements, such as voiceovers, sound effects, music beds, and production techniques, to create a distinctive and branded sound for a radio station.

ERIC 3 - Royalty Free Music Beds and Game Audio + Cinematics - - 2024“Jakub’s stuff us amazing – modern, punchy, relevant and slick. Perfect sound and vibe for a lot of my CHR radio productions”

- Royalty Free Music Beds and Game Audio + Cinematics - - 2024Eric, Chase Cuts

JEFF 1 - Royalty Free Music Beds and Game Audio + Cinematics - - 2024“I’ve Worked with Chec Music Beds for 8 years now… They have a good ear and get a great sound. Totally able – reliable, capable and dependable”

- Royalty Free Music Beds and Game Audio + Cinematics - - 2024Jeff, Killer Hertz

IZABELLA 1 - Royalty Free Music Beds and Game Audio + Cinematics - - 2024“Working with Check Music Beds has always been a great pleasure! They provide accurate time estimates, creates a great sounding end product and works with you all along the way to ensure the end result is what you had in mind. If you are looking for some amazing audio – you will not find better than CMB!”

- Royalty Free Music Beds and Game Audio + Cinematics - - 2024Izabela, Music Radio Creative

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